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About Us

We are friendly, welcoming all Tattoo Shop

For us, even the small details make a big difference.


Custom, quality tattooing since 2008.

No ego, no attitude. Just top-notch tattoo experience from one of the best tattoo shops in London.

Kamil Tattoos is a London tattoo shop founded in 2008. Based on Camden Road, which is just a few bus stops from the famous Camden Town gives all our clients easy access as we’re just a few minutes away from Kings Cross, Upper Holloway Road, and Finsbury Park stations. It's home to some of the world's best tattoo artists residing or guest-spotting in London, UK.

We pride ourselves for being original and unique and hope to make your tattoo with us a positive and memorable experience.


Outstanding artists and atmosphere.

We are gathering under one roof some of the best-talented tattoo artists from across the globe.

We have established a solid team of resident tattoo artists who we are proud to work with us and likewise. We believe that we have built a strong bond together and we all became good friends which make every day at work an awesome experience. The tattoo shop is very inviting, cosy open plan space with wooden walls and a Western American vibe.

If you are coming to support your friend, the waiting area is on the same floor so you’re still part of the experience too.


For all the things you won't regret.

We never go for less than excellent, giving our clients lifetime moments to remember.

Kamil Tattoos is an appointment-only tattoo shop. We have a good mix tattoo artist of various styles like realistic black and grey, awesome realistic and surrealistic colour tattoos as well as some of the best blackwork tattooists. Being a no walk-in tattoo studio enable our artist to be as creative as possible. With no rush, our tattoo artists take their time to create bespoke, beautiful tattoo designs you will love forever.

We are usually open from Tuesday to Sunday, 11 am - 6 pm. Please contact us to arrange your appointment with one of the artists by contacting our studio.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, you may like to check out our F.A.Q. Page before contacting us, as most likely, your question will be answered there.



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